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Roasted buckwheat



What is grechka?

· гре́чка · gréčka · buckwheat

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Groats and Poets society

Discover and share new recipes and poems

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Gluten-free, grain-free buckwheat subscription comes with its own unique poem and recipe inspiration.

We are enabling a safe space for self-expression, freeing real people's voices and creative cooking of the nutritious meals, promoting healthy and passionate life.

Why buckwheat is a functional and therapeutic superfood that you don't know about yet?

What is buckwheat?


Find and share recipes and poetry

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Let's talk about buckwheat

"Delicious buckwheat with artist touch. Every package has a custom written poem. A great present for foodies. Offers a delicious recipe ❤️."

by Maria Poly

"Great quality, and an artistic presentation of a product. Loved it. Will definitely buy it again"

by Amazon Customer

"The most poetic buckwheat. Goes with recipe and poem that you can submit on their website and one day have your poem inside your package.
Such a pleasure to eat😍"

by Elizaveta

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