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  • by Xenia Leo
With every breath there is a step
We overcome to grow -
Flows wide and laser keen
It raises us with the awe.
Flourish, thrive and dive with it
In the burning waves of Sonoma
One hand’s touch of the warm breeze 
Swirling in the peach and fig’s aroma,
Other’s dance through the sapphire
Drops of the fertile blissful days,
Dazed free minds mingle in the fire
Of hot brainstorms and impression’s rays.
Sounds play with you from the trees,
Reptiles move your shadows slightly,
While you freeze around the bees,
Carpet swells with the tenacious ivy.
Pacing voices, eyes-hypnotic
Cast the spell then puts you under
And your life became quixotic
In the new world full of awe and wonder.

by Kate Berezhnova

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