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Drinking you

  • by Xenia Leo
Should I pour you, like the cream
In my cup of earl grey tea?
Would you shine like sparkly beam
In my dark and muddy sea?
Can I cradle in the flannel
Of our soft and downy ship?
It’ll swim through the window panel
On the waves of light and heat.
I will dive in milky skin-
Full of sweet and dear scent.
It is white and very thin,
In its pureness, I repent.
In the space of endless freckles,
Scattered like the stars in the sky.
Show me how to float through metal
Crests of waves, I'm passing by.
I will drink you to the bottom
From the porcelain pearly shell,
Like the bee sucks from the blossom,
I will suck you from the swell.

by Katerina Berezhnova

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