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We hold a secret

  • by Xenia Leo
We hold a secret kinship with the dark... we belonged to her in conversation, long before the sun rays ever kissed our skin.
The dark knows us more than we know ourselves, from her womb we came as a creative impulse, in her shimmering dark fluids we began to pulse and our bodies to form.
Every thought form and creation emerges from a dark void. It is the source of creativity and procreation, the Mother of all life.
In the dark womb all is transformed, forgiven and dissolved.
We hold a cellular memory that knows Her as our first mother and the only one truly capable of mending our sore souls and weary bones. Our ancestors searched for caves and we build homes, always looking to house our vulnerable bodies in a womb like space of safety.
In many ways, there is a thread woven through our lives that is always there, beneath the noise... calling us into her shelter and deeper revelation of our individual truth.
The dark constantly beckons us and kindles the flame towards growth and transformation. It is in her embrace that we can come to know the innocence and originality of our humanity.
And yet.. We are so afraid of the dark, we do everything to stay in some sort of imaginings of light.
Perhaps, because outwardly we proclaim we want to see and know the truth but deep down we are very afraid of what we will find beneath the fabricated life spoon-fed to us.
Perhaps, because deep down we know that to live and speak our truth requires an immense amount of courage and that feels too lonesome and dangerous to our atrophied vulnerability.
Perhaps, because deep down we know that the acknowledgment of this kinship means, the conscious revelation of our own dark origins.

by Anabel Vizcarra

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